Q: How much is the shipping cost?
A: All products will be shipped by international mail. Please note.
Shipping method Shipping cost Delivery date
Economic express delivery 7.5 euros (955 yen)
Free shipping if you purchase more than 77 euros (9999 yen) after discount application (Japan only)
Preparation for shipping: 3 to 8 business days (regular holiday on Saturdays and Sundays)
Delivery date: 5 to 7 business days

The effects of new coronaviruses may result in delivery delays.

Q: What is your response time?
Mail address: oryer@hotmail.com
08:30 to 12:00 am
14:00 to 17:30 pm
(Regular holiday: weekends and holidays)

We have many inquiries now and reply may receive more time than usual. We will reply in order.
2-5 Salesday Thank you for waiting.

Q: What should I do if I forgot your password?
A: When login, click "I forgot the password" and sends a password automatic reply email to the registered email address. Please make a member registration again and set up a new password.
If you do not receive an automatic reply email, please contact customer service but please contact Customer Service

Q: How can I change the registered address, email address?
A: You can change the change procedure of customer registration information such as address, phone number and e-mail address from My Page.
Please contact your inquiry email or phone call after payment address and email address

Q: What should I get a member registration (withdrawal)?
A: Please contact customer service by e-mail for suspension of use of member registration
(Please attach an e-mail address at the time of registration)

Q: When is the payment deadline?
A: Deposit deadline is within 14 days counting from the day after purchase
※ It will be canceled automatically if the deadline has passed.
Q: Can I specify an arrival date?
A: I am very sorry, but it does not provide a designated service for the product arrival date. We will notify you by mail after delivery of the product, so please check the delivery status of the product and the shipping company with the tracking number.

【After order】
Q: What is the delivery status of the product you have taken?
A: We will notify you by mail after delivery of the product.
You can check the delivery status of the product and the delivery company with the tracking number. After the product is complete, please contact the nearest post office and sales office.
In addition, we will explain the situation that can not be searched.
Our products are shipped from overseas warehouses. In the case of overseas delivery, unlike domestic delivery, two customs clearance procedures are required.
The tracking number will gradually be updated by the delivery company (Sagawa Express or Japan Mail) will update the tracking information, and you can check after it has been updated, so please be assured that
We will support and respond to our customers and respond to your hand, thank you very much for your concern and inconvenience, and it is very happy if you can understand somehow

Q: When is the product arrival date?
A: For overseas luggage, it can be delivered to your hand in 2 to 3 weeks from shipment, but it is also possible to have a delay in each delivery phase, but it is unique to We apologize for waiting for customers
If the product can not confirm the logistics situation even after 3 weeks, we will ask you to contact you once, but please contact your site customer service.
I will always correspond, so thank you

Q: The phone can not connect, why is it? What should I do?
A: Anxiety is very sorry, and with the increase in business, calls within business hours are very busy. In addition, due to the new coronavirus, we apologize for the restrictions on going out and the number of working people, and we can not guide you soon
If you can not connect, you will be afraid, but please contact your site customer service

Q: I would like to cancel the orders for unions, what should I do?
A: Deposit deadline can be canceled automatically within 14 days from the day after purchase. If you leave it as it is, you will be canceled automatically.
A: If you would like to cancel an unpayed order order, operate according to the following procedure.
How to cancel your order:
1. Click the [My Page] icon in the upper right corner
2. Click the order history
3. Cancel Select your order. Click [Cancel]
4. Enter the reason for cancellation, and click [Yes].
5. Cancel your order success

Q: Can I return it? How many days do you need to pay?
A: Yes. You can return it. If you would like to return or exchange, please contact our shop by email or phone within one week after arrival of the product. If you do not have a prior notice, please be aware that you can not accept returned goods exchange.
In addition, for the time it takes to refund, this site is certainly a layer that this site can not be influenced by the new coronavirus, and each shopping company is also influenced, and a 2-3 week required refund procedure is currently one month. There is also a fear of need.

Q: Order confirmation email does not come, but is it easy to order properly?
A: We apologize for the inconvenience.
After ordering, the order confirmation email is delivered from our shop within a few minutes. If any such email has not been reached, there is a possibility that your order may not be confirmed or the email address at the time of order may be incorrect, so please contact the inquiry form below. Also, the following causes can be considered, so please check it together.
■ When using free mail
Hotmail.com/hotmail.co.jp/yahoo.co.jp/goo.co.jp, etc.
If you are using a free email, you may receive the server side that provides a free email address, and you may not receive any problems with general use, even for general use. If you do not receive an email from our shop, please be afraid, but please check the spam mail box once.
In addition, we would like to receive the mail address of our shop.
■ Case by setting of your mail software
Depending on your email software and security software settings, the email may be automatically deleted. Since mail from our shop is in the trash, please check.

Q: What should I do if no payment confirmation email did not reach?
A: We are confirmed by the pricking name at the time of registration. Do you have any differences between your name and your friend? If you do not receive a payment confirmation email, please contact customer service.

Q: Can I change the shipping address
A: The shipping address can be changed from the calibration history if it is before preparing for shipping. (Changes after delivery will occur separately)
Also, if you can not change it yourself, please contact the customer service of our site

Q: Can I change the size, color, or quantity, can I change it?
A: If you were ordered by mistake, please make an order again. If payment is completed due to credit payment, please contact customer service by email.

Q: I would like to order a product by adding an already confirmed order, but what should I do?
A: If you would like to add a product after deposit, please contact us if you are afraid to Customer Service
(Please note that the address of the sending address is different)

Q: If you are an additional order, is the shipping fee separate?
A: For additional ordering, please contact us by email or phone. If you have bundled with the product you ordered earlier, it will not cost shipping.

Q: Products have arrived and arrived, but what happens to shipping?
A: In the case of a large order, the product may be divided and delivered, and the second shipping fee will be borne by our company, so please rest assured.

Q: I want contact after shipping the product.
A: After shipping is complete, we will contact your luggage tracking number by e-mail.

Q: How to check the delivery status?
A: We will notify you by mail after delivery of the product, so you can check the delivery status and delivery suppliers of the product with the tracking number. Please contact the nearest post office after the product is completed by Japan.

Q: I want to know the arrival date of the product
A: We will arrange for shipping within 7 days after order confirmation, but the preparation time may be prolonged due to the limited number of workpieces on the warehouse side
In addition, the delivery time of the product can be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks from normal shipment, but it is possible to get a delay in each delivery phase, but it is very likely to be afraid, but it can not be tracked even after 3 weeks If you want to contact customer service once

Q: I want to cancel the product
A: If you want to cancel the product, be sure to email or call by phone.

Q: What if the refund will be replaced or returned?
A: All about returned goods, refunds and replacement, we will respond by email. Please contact us with your inquiry email within 7 days after the product arrival.
Please refer to "Exchange / Return Policy" for details.