Refund policy

We will explain the returned goods and replacement of the mail order site Oryer ordered product.
ORYER will do our best to provide the best shopping experience for our customers. If the product arrives at hand, please check the product for the product. If you wish to deliver products different from defects, defects and orders, and if you wish to return or exchange due to damage during delivery, then within 7 days after the product arrival (including the product arrival date Please contact our shop to our shop. If you have any inquiries after 7 business days, or if there is no pre-contact, please note that we do not accept product returns and exchanges.
One, defective product content
In the following cases, we will provide not a defective product, so we do not accept product returns and replacement. As we offer at an easy-to-see price, we would like to thank you for your understanding.
1) About the yarn frees (with regard to the yarn of the product, if it is not a hole if it pulls a hole, it is not a problem with the product itself, so please cut away with scissors and use it as it is. ))
2) About sewing failure (if it is not difficult to wear a product, it is not difficult for the product itself, so please use it as it is.)
3) About button hole (Customer should cut through the remaining thread on the back of the button hole, as the hole in China is blocked about the buttonhole of the product.).
4) About material (hair is smelled, smell, etc., if there is no problem with the product itself, it is not a defective product, so please use it as it is.)
5) Colors differ (the color of the product may cause a difference in color due to the difference in environment such as photography and PC screen display.) "Such as the image I thought" Product exchange and returns due to the reason different from the monitor "can not be accepted basically.)
6) About wrinkles, dirt (long-distance delivery, large packages are thrown out each other, so wrinkles and dirt. If there is no problem with the product itself, it will be cleaned and washed Please use it as it is.)
As mentioned above, please acknowledge it.
Two, non-returned goods
● In the following cases, no refund and replacement can be received even in defective products.
· If you can not contact you within 14 days after arrival of the product
· Products after wearing
· If there are no bags, tags and accessories included with the product
· If product tag is damaged or removed
· If you have a rework (such as hem raising) or washing
· Thin, dirt and smell after arrival of goods

● Other than defective products, the following products are unused even if they are unused.
Wedding dress, dress
· Lingerie underwear, swimwear
· Good luck bag, special sale product (1 yen, 99 yen sale commodity)

● Customer return returned goods, can not be replaced
· If you select the wrong size due to your customer, you can not accept the return.
· You can not accept returns by customer convenience, such as different images.
· There is no problem such as quality, and if there is no need for returned goods, we can only respond.
· Photographic offering, problem points If you do not, you can only respond.
· If you can not contact us by email, you may want to return. In addition, even if you return to us without contact, you may not be able to refund it. In addition, even if you return to us without contact, it will not be received, and you may not be able to refund it, but you may not be able to refund it, but you may not be able to refund it.

Three, return / exchange procedures
Please refer to the following contents for return / exchange procedure.
1 E-mail ( orInquiryPlease contact us at.
2 Please fill in the order information, the reason for return / exchange, and the problem. (Please explain as much as possible.)
※ We can support order number, return / exchange product subordinate number, product number, phone number, etc. quickly. Please cooperate in advance.
3 For defective products, please provide an overall diagram of the returned product and an image (evidence photograph) in a defect.
※ If the size does not match, please provide a sheath photo (as a number can be seen).
4 After contacting, we will respond to customer service within 1 to 3 business days.
5 We will send a return form by email after return approval.
※ The return destination will be informed from the person in charge at the time of return approval. note that.
※ It may not be possible to guess the return time by the return method. After returning, thank you for your cooperation as you would with the delivery inquiry document number by email.
※ Returns Caution ※
※ now has no return destination in Japan and becomes an overseas warehouse. Please contact customer service for detailed return destinations of products.
I will correspond within business hours. Please wait for regular holidays and business hours will be the next business day.

Shipping for four, returned goods and replacement
・ Shipping for product return
If the product defects and defects, such as the cause of the Company, the shipping costs that occurred in return and exchange will be burdened on this site.
If the product does not have defects or defects, the return fee will be charged.
Other return details Please email us at our customer query center.
・ Replacement Shipping
If the product is not defective, the replacement shipping fee will be charged from the buyer.
For corruption during initial failure or transportation, the retrofit of the product will be borne by our company.

※ About good items, if you do not need to be replaced / replace, you will be responsible for the recipient shipping fee. Please note.
If the return is caused by the consumer, consumer should be responsible for the shipping fee. The specific fee should be based on the express company you choose.
If due to our reasons, the goods received are damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason.

Five, long-term absence, rejection and return of address unknown
Luggage may be returned due to long-term absence, receipt rejection, address unknown, etc.
If you would like to receive product redelivery, please contact customer service in mail ( or My Page message box.
If a retransmission fee occurs because of the long-term absence, rejection of receipt, and deletion information is incorrect, you will be charged.
Cancellation of your order is available. Due to the above causes, the returned product is stored in the delivery company, returned to the warehouse of the site without issuing the return fee, and the warehouse of the site may be a situation where the product is discarded and the product will be discarded as it is There is no need for full refund for money. We will respond up to 70% except for product shipping and some production charges.

Six, refund procedure
▲▲ The refund amount of returned goods is actually the amount of money. Coupons, if you purchase by discount, it will be refunded at the payment amount after the price.
Seven, refund time
It may take some time until the card company, the bank side refund procedure completed. Also, if you pay by credit card, it is only possible to repay.
● Credit card refund for payment customers
The bill will be refunded to the credit card. We apply for refund procedures to the payment service provider within 4 days. The time you can check the refund depends on your card company.
Please note that it usually takes 2-3 weeks.
● Refund for payment of settlement at bank and convenience store
The billing amount is refunded to the specified bank account. Please note that the time you can check for about one week is about a week.
※ However, please note that delay may occur from the above refund time.
Please fill in the required items according to the return procedure 123.
Procedure 1 Please fill out the item of the product returned (order number, product number, quantity, reason cord).
Procedure 2 Please replace it with the return product and replace the return contact paper.
Step 3 Please contact here after contacting this.
Caution: Please do not contact you in advance and do not return without permission. Please note that the return processing without notification can be refunded. Also, the shipping costs that occur are also charged.