2020 Popular Colors Dipping Powder Kit, Dip Powder Nail Kit


Why Choose our dip powder nail set?

✔2020 Trendy colors collection - Our dipping powder nail set with 10 elegent colors, you can choose your favoriate colors, and mix different colors as your like.

✔More convient - Dip powder provide new nail art way. It don't need a uv lamp to cure, no harm to the nails beds, save money and time.

✔Healther - Making with healthy, natural formula of our dip powder will be your great choice for your nail enhacement. It contain vitamin E and Calcium to help nails grow stronger and healthier.Non-toxic,Low odor.

✔Safety - It’s surely safe and easy to handle for both professionals and home users. This kit contain eveything you need for dipping nail art.


10 colors/set Dip Nail Powders


1.File and clean your nail surface firstly to be free of dust particles,the powders will stick well for even 14 Days.

2.It is a must to make sure each layer is dry for applying next layer, specially when you apply one thin powder and base.

3.Brush technique: Always brush parallel to the nail to ensure the bristle don't poke or indent the powder.Dip technique: dip at a 45 degree angle and pull straight back out. Do not push the nail against the powder.

4.Apply the Top in quick thin strokes and let your Top dry before applying the next Top.

5.Ensure all the brushes are cleaned up properly and the caps are tightened well after application.

6.Mix different colors maybe creat new color!

-Practice is important, practice makes perfect!


-Our dipping powder easy to apply, especiallly suit for beginner !

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2020 Popular Colors Dipping Powder Kit, Dip Powder Nail Kit
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