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5 Colors Dip Powder Nail Kit Dipping Powder Set Manicure Art

5 Colors Dip Powder Nail Kit Dipping Powder Set Manicure Art

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1. Long lasting: The dip powder system starter kit is long-lasting, chip-resistant. It can keep the nail art colorful and shiny for about 2-3 weeks even without nail lamp curing.
2. Easy to operate:the advantages are simple and quick to apply.
3. Healthy and durable: The dipping powder kit is more durable, and the nail dipping powder is odor free, which is resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable, water resistant with no damage to the nails beds,more durable than nail polish.
4. Provide a fantastic natural look for your nails.
5. Perfect for home use or professional use.

Product description:
Type:  Warm Glitter Dipping Powder Set
Color Chart:  5 Colors
Capacity: 200g
Include:5 Bottles dip powder and A Brush
Long Period: About 15 Days Or 30 Days
Curing Tools: UV Lamp or LED Lamp
Usage steps:
Step 1. Clean Nails then nail surface as normal nail arts process.
Step 2. Apply one layer bond, wait it dry. (Necessary)
Step 3. Apply a thin coat of dip base.
Step 4. Dip tip of entire nail into the dish.
Step 5. Brush off excess powder, apply dip activator, wait until dry.
Step 6. Shape nails and polish buffer nail surface.
Step 7. Apply dip Top in 2-3 quick brush strokes, wait it dry.
Step 8. Finish.

The color of dipping nail powder may show slightly different from the pictures due to different temperatures or sunlight conditions, not the colour difference of product itself and pictures.

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